surprise! a brand new bedroom for ashlyn

so the minute ashlyn headed out the door to camp, we all jumped into action putting together her new room.  i had been drawing up plans and ordering her bed and finding fabric, during the previous month or two and i was pretty sure she was completely in the dark about it.  she's been such a good sport about going from her own room, to sharing a room with her little sis, to sharing a room with her little sis AND two brothers(!) and back again to sharing a room with her little sis and now finally a (pretty, functional) room of her own!

this light fixture was a hanging flower basket that was in my parents garage.  it's really pretty easy to retrofit a light fixture like this.  i followed ashley anns instructions and they worked great.

i turned this ikea frame into a small bulletin board by tracing the frame backing onto a piece of foam board, cutting the foam board out and then wrapping it with linen (painters tape works just fine for adhering the linen to the foam board and is easy to adjust as you're going along)

we tried to make the room really functional with a small table light for late night reading, a new dresser, a desk area, bookshelf and little chair for friends to sit in or to lounge in and take in the pretty backyard view.

when i'm on a tight budget, these are my go to window treatments.  they are really popular in sweden and since i love gustavian style, i am always seeing them in my design books.  so inexpensive and easy to make!

she and her friends have made good use of the chalkboard doors; always writing the lyrics from their favorite songs and other cute doodly things.

we had about three days to get the room all finished.  at the end of the week, on the day she was returning from camp, jimmy made me promise i'd call the second she got home so he could be there to see her reaction.  after all that work, we all wanted to see the big pay off of her beautiful stunned face!  that morning she got dropped off earlier than we expected--i think jimmy probably had just walked into his office when he had to immediately head back home!

as she sat downstairs on the sofa telling us all the adventures of camp, and showing us all the crafts they made and notes they wrote,  we were trying really hard to keep our cool, but we could. not. wait. for her to walk into her room!  the other kids kept saying "ashlyn do you want to go up to your room???" and she would say, "no that's okay..." completely oblivious.

finally jimmy pulled up and i said something like, "so why don't we go put your things up in your room?"  so while she gathered her things up, i ran upstairs to capture the moment (which i failed at).  when she opened her door, she was so, so surprised!  her reaction was priceless.  unfortunately i am truly horrible at capturing big moments.  (i almost always forget to watch through the lens and get caught up in the moment and forget to take the picture).  by the time i remembered i was supposed to be documenting, she was all teary-eyed, which made me all teary eyed (oh yeah, it was just like those emotional design shows!) and anyway all my "big reveal" pictures are extremely fuzzy. 

but these are some that i snapped later on after the excitement of the moment had died down.  it was hard for me to capture the entire room since i don't have a wide angle lens, but hopefully you got the idea...  oh how i love transforming a space!  especially for my girl.

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Krista said...

Oh that was so fun to read!! I love hearing all the little details you put in and really it was a huge act of love this beautiful room. So glad you shared. :)

Sammy said...

OMGoodness! You're so talented. It all looks great and I love your house!

Honeybee said...

That dresser! Adorable.

Kandace said...

Would love a tutorial on the window shades!

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