yalecrest house: ashlyns room before

so i think i'll start with sharing ashlyn's room.  it's the first room that we have completely completely finished.  the bathroom still has one tiny run of baseboard left to paint and the laundry room needs a couple things hung, but ashlyn's room. . . ashlyn's has a big checkmark next to it.  and you know how i love that!

so here are a few shots of her room from the day we moved in...

this stained yellow shag carpet covered her room, as well as all the floors throughout the house.  it was the first thing to go.  we left all of our furniture in our two storage pods on the driveway until every last bit was hauled away.

under the shag and the disintegrated pad, there were hardwood floors everywhere(!)  which actually we suspected since the home was built in 1928--in the days before wall to wall carpeting.  but still, it was a happy sight for sore eyes and fingers. . .

we spent a couple days removing carpet, padding and staples from all the floors & the staircase.  the kids were so very helpful and really good at getting all those staples out.  after our nomadic year and a half, we were just sooo happy to finally be in our own house again!

buh bye stinky carpet. . .we filled our little trailer many times over

for the first several months, the girls shared this room and the boys shared the other bedroom until the basement was in a liveable condition.  in these bedrooms, we just basically had room for a bunk bed-- almost all their toys and other furniture were stored up in the attic.

lots of space up here in the attic--it just was not useable at all until a bigger access was cut, and floors and shelving were installed.  (pictured in update 2.)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

now fast forward to this summer. . . everyone now has their own bedroom, but those bedrooms are just bare bones, not really decorated or very functional even.  

so this summer while ashlyn was away at camp for a week, we decided to surprise her with a finished bedroom!

on DAY ONE we completely emptied out her bedroom.

on DAY TWO we painted.  we painted one wall a pale, pale blue.  since this room has so many ceiling angles, i decided to leave the other three walls white. those angled ceilings almost disappear and feel much more spacious with both the ceiling and walls being white.  since she loves to doodle and sketch, we also painted her closet doors with chalkboard paint.

on DAY THREE we arranged the furniture, retrofitted an vintage metal hanging flower basket into a light fixture, hung some sturdy hooks and sewed the window treatments.

on DAY FOUR we hung everything else on the walls and added all the finishing touches.

here i am trying to decide on a collage or a large piece of art.  guess which one i ended up with?!

also a couple months ago, we did put carpet down in the upstairs bedrooms to make it a little quieter on the main floor (it was so noisy when anyone was upstairs playing or walking around!)  also the upstairs floors have a ton of paint and all kinds of stains that have accumulated for the past several decades, and we weren't ready to commit to redoing all the hardwood yet.

next up. . . surprising ashlyn with her beautiful new room! 

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Holly Baker said...

Eeek, I can hardly wait! I can only imagine how much work this was.

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