a little tea party for ava carmel.

oh ava carmel stop growing!  i am starting to dread my children's birthdays these days. . . not because i don't want to plan birthday parties, oh heavens no, but because these happy days are just zooming by at lightning speed.  i want to hang on to these moments forever.

but despite my wishes, ava's birthday did come, and so we celebrated with a proper tea party (it's been the plan for oh, about nine months. . .) 

she spent hours with me the saturday before the party, shopping for all the food & supplies.  on our way home from the last stop i said, "wow ava! i'm sorry that took so long!"  to which she replied, "oh i don't care!  i love shopping!"

 < < ava carmel picked out several little tea cups & plates from a thrift store.  i literally spent about $2 more than i would have, buying (cute) paper plates & cups.  and now i have tea sets on hand for 10 guests!  you should totally stop by for tea! the place mats were papers we found at a scrapbooking store > >  

< < beginning the party with a paper doll craft.  they are at the age where they probably would have been perfectly content doing this for the entire party! > >

< < the place mats from the tea party turned into markers for our cake(bite) walk > >

 < < a mysterious letter appeared at the door leading the girls on a wild goose chase to find a basket full of marshmallow treats.  always a hit, these wild goose chases. > >

< < happy birthday to my littlest girl.  how i love you! > >

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Carin said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!
I love every detail!!! Especially the love you put into all that you do!

Something about Ellie entering 6th grade has me in a panic! I feel like they will 18 any minute! It goes SO fast!

Holly Baker said...

What a magical day!!! So hard to believe she is such a little lady already. I am in love with the colors and those birds in the arrangement. Wonderful work mama!

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