my little valentines.

we had so much fun getting ready for valentines day this week. but sadly we had a combination of bronchitis and strep throat circulating through the house by the time valentines day arrived.  oh wretched winter colds. 

i was so sad for ava carmel; what bitter disappointment to miss school on valentines day!!  she tried really hard to convince me she felt okay, but after an hour she gave up, started crying and said i just don't feel good.  by the end of the day we had a positive strep test to prove it.

cam on the other hand had a fabulous valentines day, as he usually does.  i'm afraid he is getting too old to share all of his antics publicly (oh but how i wish i could!  cause they're hilarious!), but suffice it to say during first recess he sneakily placed a little valentines gift on a girls desk and declared it the best valentines day ever.

andy won first prize for his masterpiece valentines box creation!  i had suggested maybe making a moon to go along with his cards, but he took it one step further!  everyday he finished all his daily jobs in record time so he could start working on his creation.

we tried to convince ashlyn to leave a valentine on the doorstep of one of the boys she likes, but she would hear none of it. . . 


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