reforming a night owl.

Tonight as I was putting Ava Carmel to bed she was a little emotional about going back to school.  Monday mornings (actually pretty much any morning) are oh-so-rough for her.  She would be the exact opposite of a "morning person." 

Tonight she was sobbing, "I wish I was born knowing everything, then I wouldn't have to go to school!"

Which by the way, she really does love school.  Always super happy when I pick her up, comes home and happily pulls out her homework, loves her teacher, so obviously school is not the real problem

I think the main thing she dislikes about it all is the fact that it begins at 8:30 am.

And I believe a lot of that is because school mornings are a little too chaotic and rushed around here, since none of us are early risers.  We are always sleeping in to the last second possible and I know this is creating at least part of the anxiety about returning to school. 

I've been really focusing these last couple weeks on being aware.  Something I've realized is I'm totally neglecting on the prep work (in almost all areas of my life).  But in regard to this particular dilemma, I don't prep for the day by getting a good night sleep, so I sleep in too late to realistically get us all out the door by 8:05. 

My goal for this week is to be in bed by 10:15 every school night this week (this is super early for me!), with lights out by 11:00.  (Which means I need to hustle here.) 

I am so thankful that I felt inspired to focus on my awareness this year.  I can't tell you how many things I've already felt enlightened about in these first couple weeks. 

At first I was feeling a little down because I had been secretly hoping that by becoming more aware, I would discover all kinds of hidden talents!  But instead my weaknesses are emerging into clear view. 

I have found though that I am willing to take the bad with the good.  In regards to either, it will mean progress if I am willing to make adjustments based on what I am learning about myself.  And with that final thought, I bid you goodnight!

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