january: the month wherein it snowed. alot.

a few recollections:

<< andy had his first colonoscopy (41 years ahead of schedule.) the results were much better than expected and we were so relieved.  after helping him prep for that, i have developed a serious dread for the day i need one!

<< reading has finally clicked for ava carmel and i find her curled up all over the place with a book.  i love hearing that little voice.  i hope she keeps reading out loud for a long time.

<< i cut my bangs again.

<< we had a freak ice storm in salt lake city.  that ice next to ashlyn's boot was covering everything and was surprisingly thick and oh so slippery!!  there were a couple times when i was walking the kids into school and we all landed in a giant heap on top of each other.  it would have been embarrassing, but when i looked around, everyone else was in the same boat.  i may have got the giggles a lot.

<< in 2013 i am trying to become more aware.  this month my major realization is that i am really lazy when it comes to the prep work that is required for everyday life to happen smoothly.  maybe this is the root of feeling overwhelmed so much?

<< i signed up for a half marathon!  remember when i started running/walking most days a year ago?  well i discovered i actually LOVE running!  what a shocker.  seriously i had no idea.



Unknown said...

Would you mind to post a pic of your bathroom you did in the mint green penny tile?

gillar girl said...

The lights for this bathroom are back ordered, so as soon as I get those and have some light, I will definitely post some pics!

Unknown said...

Great! Thanks so much! Did you use the penny tile on the floor? Did you install yourself? We're wanting to but not sure how hard it will be?

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