a snowy backyard party.

Andy's greatest birthday party wish was that he could have a snowy backyard party, complete with a  campfire and smores.  I don't know how he did it (it could have possibly been his daily heartfelt prayers for lots of snow!), but he got a WHOPPER of a snowstorm delivered the day before his party.

So big, in fact, that we had to actually reschedule his party for the next day, since almost every school in the valley (except our district, for some weird reason) was cancelled.  The roads were a mess.

By Saturday afternoon the snowflakes had stopped falling, leaving us with 1.5 feet of fresh snow to party in.  We had smores, snowforts, scavenger hunts and marshmallow wars.  It was a rip roarin' good time!  (I don't have many pictures of the actual party because keeping 11 boys entertained was a full-time job!)


I'm so happy his birthday wish came true because I looove this snowbear of mine!

7th birthday: family carnival party
6th birthday: polar bear party
5th birthday: winter mittens party
4th birthday: dinosaur party

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Ashley Beal said...

Love that little (not so little) boy!! Love all the pictures too. Especially that one of the fire with him in the background. Super cool. I can't believe you guys got so much snow! So fun. :)

Holly and Sean said...

What an awesome day! Your parties never cease to amaze me!! I really think you should write a party planning book.

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