a snowstorm and a master bath inspiration board.

So guess what happened yesterday? 

It snowed.  

I really do not like it when winter sneaks away part of my fall.  

Also, for a brief time it was hailing and I heard this odd noise coming from the living room.  Which turned out to be... the hail. . . coming right on down my chimney and onto the hearth on my living room floor. 

 Oh, this old house.  

Most days I love it, but some days, I get a little twinge for our "old looking new house" we sold almost two years ago.  I can't believe it's been that long!  What a journey. 
However, the kids were ecstatic about the snow.  And although getting through homework was pure torture (for all parties involved), I loved to see their absolute delight--running to the window every ten seconds to make sure it hadn't melted.  They are my joy. :)  

So we ditched the homework until later, sent them out to play in the snow and made some hot cocoa and pumpkin bread. 

This morning I drove through the crazy blizzard to share with my mom a design board I put together for their new master bathroom.  We had a great morning and came up with some fantastic plans!

After that I came home through another blizzard; made my decision on the carpet for the boys' rooms, fought the urge to put on Christmas music (I can hold out for one more week!) and made the afore mentioned pumpkin bread instead.   It was a cozy day. 

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Pink Diary said...

we just got a snow here today, in the highland of Scotland.

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