home tour: remember that little condo?!

It's been three months since we moved from our cozy little two-bedroom condo.  A few days ago, I asked the children if they missed living in the condo. . . Ashlyn & Cam gave a resounding NO!  Ava Carmel said, "i miss our bedroom!" and Andy said he missed "Christmas. . ." :) 

Our "entry" consisted of this little space.  Right next to the door, we had a little mirrored table with a laquered box to hold our keys and wallets.  Three sturdy hooks and our monthly calendar on the chalkboard kept things perfectly organized.  Ha!  Just kidding.  It never was this tidy, except on the days I took pictures.

You can see several places I used mirrors to reflect the light & outdoors, and expand the space.  Mirrors are really little miracle workers.

The master bedroom doubled as our teeny tiny "office."  You can see the edge of the narrow sofa table we used as our computer desk.

The few months we spent here were pretty challenging, but I think we really tried to make the best of them.  I was talking to a new friend/reader of my blog--they are looking to buy & possibly remodel in the same area we're in--and she commented "you seem so unscathed by the last year and a half."

Let me just say, the drama and emotion has purposefully been left off of the documentation here on the blog!  Oh boy, this last year and a half has been full of lots more drama and emotion than we care to ever experience again!

However, things are mellowing out around these parts, and even though I still have my downer days when I just wish everything was done on our "new" house already. . . I am really excited about our current home.  Today the electricians were here getting everything ready for our new additional AC unit and our new electrical panel is in.  Also demo continues in the basement.  Yay!

See the tour of the kids room here.

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Sarah said...

I love the little entry way! So inviting =) Lovely job. It's always so nice when you can sit back and just enjoy the hard work you put in.

- Sarah

gillar girl said...

Thanks so much Sarah. And yes, I do love those sit back and enjoy moments-i'm getting anxious for one! :)

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